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  1. I am working on an elm/golang rewrite of my little music podcast player. A Little bit of progress here: . A bunch of clean up is required before I can make the source available 😁.

  2. Ahh.. the classic "I used turbolinks and didn't know I was building a SPA issue."

    If you were to build an Elm/Ember/React/Vue app you would have faced all the same issues. Lots of folks load scripts/resources with react's willComponentMount hook 😁 and jquery plugins tend to leak event handlers like prime day echo sales.

    It's cool though, it's not everyone's cup of 🍵

  3. The github repo advertises Elm frontend... I feel bamboozled! 😁

    Personally, I think that a spa for a forum is less than ideal. However, turbolinks... that could be something to try.