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  1. I don't understand the second option but the first looks nice! :)

  2. It really should be. The mockups provide a nice way to pick the category, but we haven't implemented that yet. Issue added:

  3. I literally wasn't writing an SPA though. :) I am sure that it works for a lot of people and they are happy. I'm outside the set. I'm also ornery about spring and whatever this activeupload crap is :)

  4. tl;dr - it has cost me too much money and time.

    I have used it on a host of projects. It inevitably overtakes the js side of things as you have to actually tie into its various hooks if you want to avoid problems. Third party libraries are the worst here. One other example was linking from a page on layout A to a page with layout B. If A didn't load a global library (stripe in this case), then page B didn't have it available. If you loaded it multiple times bad things happened. Finding this, on a page that took payment info and intermittently failed depending on the path taken to get to that page, was horrendous and painful.

  5. @Trevoke I can't click your links for some reason, would love to know why :)

  6. well, that's a shame. how's it going? anything particularly cool in there?

  7. Also, turbolinks makes me cringe. The Elm client prototype was the fastest thing ever and I'm really happy with the protocol for keeping the local store up to date.

  8. the elm front-end is coming. I'll focus on it after 1.0 but I've been working on it.

  9. Share a link to a repo that you're working on presently. I'll go first 👍

  10. (it would appear I fixed that - apparently sendgrid did poorly with pointing a webhook somewhere that redirects.)