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  1. Hey this is a reply...

  2. This is really neat. I don't have an established pattern for this yet - i tend to roll it ad-hoc each time. maybe this is what i need :)

  3. sigh looks like it's time to introduce spam management. that didn't take too long.

  4. This PR introduces oEmbed support.

  5. I pinged you on the elixir slack by the way - also if you mark this thread as watched you'll get emails when I badger you here :)

  6. It would not be difficult to identify youtube links in the autolinker and turn it into a youtube embed. Perhaps better in general to manage anything with oEmbed, but slightly harder. Is there an elixir oembed lib yet I wonder?

  7. I don't understand the second option but the first looks nice! :)

  8. It really should be. The mockups provide a nice way to pick the category, but we haven't implemented that yet. Issue added:

  9. I literally wasn't writing an SPA though. :) I am sure that it works for a lot of people and they are happy. I'm outside the set. I'm also ornery about spring and whatever this activeupload crap is :)