1. (it would appear I fixed that - apparently sendgrid did poorly with pointing a webhook somewhere that redirects.)

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  2. Attempting to reply to a thread via email, not sure if it will get there.

  3. Woohoo! Its been so fun to watch this come along, looking great!

  4. Nice one guys!! Its coming along nicely :)

  5. We got some great news for you today! After a long hackathon: Firestorm 0.9 is available on github! Also we’ve deployed the Firestorm official forum, so please come chat!

    This is our first major public release, and while it is still a few features short of 1.0, we think that the data model is sane and it is ready to be used by others.

    We also have a sweet site up. If you should be listed there and you are not, please email support@dailydrip.com so we can fix it.

    We’d love feedback on both the site and the 0.9 release.

    Functional features

    • Authentication via email or github (other oauth providers easy to add)
    • Create categories, threads, posts, use like a forum :)
    • See user profiles, recent user posts
    • Watch threads / get emails
    • Reply to email
    • Markdown preview
    • File upload
    • Threads I’m watching or participating in
    • Decent basic js bolt-on helpers (not a rich client but not entirely dumb)

    Features remaining for 1.0

    • ACL - right now it’s nonexistent
    • Reactions
    • Tags
    • Mentions
    • Quote
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Documentation
    • Search
    • More advanced email newsletter-y features

    In the works for 1.1

    • Channels data layer for elm client
    • Elm client (it’s coming along nicely)
    • Slack client

    Finally, if you haven’t checked out the screencasts on how Firestorm is built, check out our blog post rolling up all the links into one place.

    Josh and Adam from DailyDrip