1. You're not wrong, and we're still working on it. I had some life stuff come up (sold house, bought a truck, truck blew up, became broke, various other things) that got in the way but I think I'm digging my way out. For what it's worth, the kickstarter amount also included discounted access to DailyDrip content, and in addition to producing Firestorm we've produced something like 60 Firestorm-related episodes (including the new free intro to Elixir content).

    All that said, I still have every intention of moving from 'technically functional forum' to 'good forum with the full featureset'

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  2. To be honest for 22.186$ the forum could be more decent.
    it's very basic reminds me of the forums of the 200x... year

    I've hoped for something better from you .... and more for the money you earned from kickstarter and the users you won for your courses with this project ....

    But good is better than nothing