1. Hello, I am working on quite impressive website design right now.

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  2. I am working on an elm/golang rewrite of my little music podcast player. A Little bit of progress here: https://elm.trance-mixes.com/ . A bunch of clean up is required before I can make the source available 😁.

  3. I'm working to create an MVP for a SAAS to analyze companies business performance(revenue growth in comparison to last year, financial ratio's, comparison with peers) that kind of stuff.

  4. @Trevoke I can't click your links for some reason, would love to know why :)

  5. My side project is dwarlixir - a madman's attempt to build a Dwarf-Fortress-like game with (currently) a text-based interface in Elixir, with everything being a process. https://github.com/trevoke/dwarlixir

    Professionally I'm working on https://exeq.com - Elixir back-end! :D

  6. I started my first Elixir rewrite--small side project in RoR 👍🏼


    That oauth code should look very familiar 😜

  7. well, that's a shame. how's it going? anything particularly cool in there?

  8. Would love to share what I am working on...but its a secret 😄

  9. Share a link to a repo that you're working on presently. I'll go first http://github.com/dailydrip/firestorm 👍