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    start new thread with **markdown** ```js const name = 'test' alert(name) ```
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    #Test ![266.jpg](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/test-firestormforum-org/uploads/cc3d3194-9422-4a60-9042-2587f44f896d/266.jpg)
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    # Hello Nice to meet you all :) ![DEV@3x.png](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/test-firestormforum-org/uploads/2d24a430-29fe-4ac0-a982-d
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    Hey just wondering how it’s going? Any progress?
  53. 4
    I'm looking forward to the revamp in the [project structure](https://gist.github.com/chrismccord/71ab10d433c98b714b75c886eff17357). What fea
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    discuss villa you live in
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    ```js const a = 'something'; for ( item of arr) { console.log(item) } ```
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    If so, how have you implemented it? ```elixir def foo do :hello end ```
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    Hi , I am sonu from India. I learn more from here.... Excellent forum ,...... Happy to stay here ... Please introduce yourself ... Th
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    # This is an H1 ## This is an H2 ###### This is an H6 This is also an H1 ================== This is also an H2 ------------------ *Italic
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    # Why this is not on a pop up window!?
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    ![Basic Shutter Icon-254301.png](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/test-firestormforum-org/uploads/3840f057-fd6b-4aa6-8883-d2bb004ee417/B
  70. 4
  71. 8
    ### earmark is too :zap:
  72. 9
    Does the Firestorm screencast start off using 1.3 or is it still going from 1.2 -> 1.3.
  73. 3
  74. 2
    ![Firestorm](./assets/static/images/firestorm-logo.png) ### An open-source forum engine, with an Elixir+Phoenix backend and an Elm frontend.
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    [This PR](https://github.com/dailydrip/firestorm/pull/111) introduces oEmbed support.
  92. 1
    Hello everyone, this is Arun basically from India so nice to be here,.............................
  93. 8
    The github repo advertises Elm frontend... I feel bamboozled! :grin: Personally, I think that a spa for a forum is less than ideal. Howe
  94. 3
    Published my first Elixir package! https://hexdocs.pm/mock_behaviour/MockBehaviour.html TLDR - use `Behaviour` to easily maintain code sani
  95. 9
    Share a link to a repo that you're working on presently. I'll go first http://github.com/dailydrip/firestorm :thumbsup:
  96. 1
    hello everyone let me introduce first....... this is sowparnika from India.... working as an admission consultant having 5+years of experie
  97. 2
    I had to go into "categories" and then click on one of them before I found how to create a thread. I expected it to be somewhere on the firs
  98. 5
    We got some great news for you today! After a long hackathon: [Firestorm 0.9 is available on github](https://github.com/dailydrip/firestorm/
  99. 4
    Isn't it **neat**? :thumbsup: